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This Table Talk Podcast, in partnership with Gulfood, is the second in Food Matter Live series focused on the UAE. In this episode you will learn how food and nutrition trends are developing in the region, and how behavioural change is helping to support food security and sustainability. Joining host Stefan Gates are Monique Naval, Senior Analyst, Euromonitor International, and Ananya Narayan, Managing Director, Hunter Foods to provide their unique insight on how consumer behaviour in the UAE is changing, and what the future of food in the Emirates will look like.

Listen to the full episode here https://bit.ly/3cbAqEV

Like many countries across the world, consumers in the UAE are showing a clear preference for cleaner, more ethical and sustainable food. Eating and consumption habits are changing, what does this mean for the food and drink industry in the region? What food and nutrition trends are growing in the UAE in 2021?

In this episode of Table Talk from Food Matters, we investigate all this and more, joined by two experts on the UAE and its food supply and consumer habits, Ananya Narayan, Managing Director, Hunter Foods Limited and. Monique Naval, Senior Analyst, Euromonitor International. With host Stefan Gates they’ll discuss how attitudes toward health, nutrition and wellbeing are developing, how this is impacting the food and nutrition trends that are growing in the UAE, and how the country intends to become food secure and sustainable.

Read more: www.foodmatters.co.uk/podcasts/how-food

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