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As a company that has been around for three decades, we knew we had long time fans. But one of them touched our heart and soul with an amazing letter and story. So much so that we needed to share it with the world.

Swathi Fan Hunter Foods 2

Dear Hunter Foods,

 And my ever-so-favorite Mr. Vinnie, the tiger,

Safari Grills has been an incredibly important part of my life ever since I can remember. My earliest and fondest memories with Safari Grills, specially the ‘light blue one’ as I like to call it, were revived this summer as I was looking through some of my childhood photos. Even today, as a 23-year-old ‘trying-to-be-adult’, the one thing I miss about home apart from family and friends is definitely this incredibly amazing product that you have created. Every time I make a trip home to Dubai, I make sure to carry a truck-load (I wish I could be literal with that) of chips back with me to the US. I have never known my parents to eat chips but I am really glad that they stayed completely loyal to Safari Grills and always pampered my little sister and me with it. With all the other things I am grateful to them for, this will always remain something close to my heart because it is a reminder to me that happiness can be found in the smallest, littlest and simplest of things!

Thank you once again, Hunter Foods for being the biggest part of my childhood! I will be sure to pass on the legacy 😀

Forever and always,

‘Safari Grill(s)er’,

Swathi Murali

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