Improving Quality In the Food Industry

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Hunter Foods was featured in JAFZA the Zone Magazine 55.

In response to consumer demand, food business are constantly working to improve quality in order to make their products more natural and nutritious, with Ananya Narayan, managing Director at Hunter Foods, explaining: “Currently, the industry is going through a transformation phase. It’s getting increasingly competitive, with consumers demanding better food in many aspects, including better for the environment. This means things like simpler and more natural ingredients, better ingredients, local sustainability, and less plastic usage.”

This is the biggest challenge the industry faces at the present time, with Ananya continuing: “Many times it is not the industry that doesn’t want to change; it’s all about supply chains being willing and able to make those changes in a short period of time. Ultimately, “Better for You” food will be the norm. it won’t be in a separate section in the supermarket; consumers will demand that in every aisle.”



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