Hunter Foods at Gulfood Innovation Summit

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As Expo 2020 preparations are ongoing and the city is gearing up towards hosting the world, Gulfood has been cooking something very special for the 2020 edition of the Innovation Summit on the 17-19 February 2020.

On the 19th of February, Mr. Ananya Narayan, Hunter Foods’ Managing Director will share his thoughts about: “What’s the flavour today?, Snacking 3.0”.

  • Portion size, easy to digest… how to crack into the localized-flavour snack market?
  • Innovative ingredients to achieve differentiation and meet consumer needs
  • Product formulas that promote good health
  • Identifying and differentiating trends and fads

Join us from 12:50 to 13:10 and take part in steering the food and beverage ecosystem.

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Hunter Foods at Gulfood innovation Summit 2020
Hunter Foods at Gulfood innovation Summit 2020 Mr Narayan
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