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Rise to the Challenge with Hunter Foods!

We are committed to supporting talented and innovative young nationals in our quest to shape the future of the F&B industry! Help us meet the goal of our National Agenda of being self-sustainable and a manufacturing hub for the region!

Join the F&B Innovation Lab and get the opportunity to enroll in an incubation program to support and enhance the F&B Innovation Lab experience for our entrepreneurs.

Do you have an innovative concept that could enhance the UAE’s F&B sector? We’re actively looking for the next exciting F&B product that will shape the future of the lucrative F&B industry. Register for the F&B Innovation Lab for the opportunity to be connected with the UAE’s leading F&B manufacturers and kickstart your F&B product creation and development.

The aim of the F&B Innovation Lab is to create and foster innovative new F&B products with the potential to reach international markets. The 3 main objectives of the F&B Innovation Lab are:

  • 1. Developing local talent for the F&B ecosystem,
  • 2. Initiating new product launches that are UAE-relevant, with a local flavour,
  • 3. Engaging Emirati F&B product developers with the F&B manufacturing sector

Join the challenge here: https://fbinnovationlab.goip.tech/challenges

The programme will incubate Emirati talent and their innovative F&B concepts with the aim of transforming them into internationally available products.

About F&B Innovation Lab:

Khalifa Fund and the F&B Manufacturers Business Group (FBMG) in partnership with Mintel, InnovaMENA and Invertium has launched the F&B Innovation Lab, a program that aims to discover, guide and mentor the UAE’s next innovative F&B products. The program says to incubate Emirati talent who have F&B concepts rooted in sustainability, health and convenience, with industry leading manufactures who can develop and promote successful product market fits, with the aim of transforming their F&B concepts into internationally available products.

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