We are a leading “Better for You” Snacks and Foods Manufacturing, Packaging and Distribution company, based in Dubai, U.A.E..

The first of its kind in Dubai, Hunter Foods was established in 1985 in the then sparse, now one of the world’s busiest Jebel Ali Free Zone. Known historically for our brands Safari, Aladin and AliBaba, we are now recognised worldwide as leaders in premium, gourmet, specialty food & snacks due to our Hunter’s Gourmet, Hunter and Hunter’s Collection ranges.

We are proud to have been awarded Superbrands’ status for six consecutive years since 2013.

As a family-run business with a small but dedicated and expert team, we have the freedom and drive to explore new ideas; we are passionate about innovation and work hard to provide our customers with the very best in creativity, quality and flavour. We pride ourselves on being a family run, Dubai based business and have launched over 100 new products in our Hunter’s Gourmet and Hunter’s Collection ranges; all this in addition to supplying our loyal customers with our much-loved originals.

We want to ensure that as we grow our company vision is balanced with our values, many of our foods are already non-GMO, MSG-free and without artificial flavouring, colours or preservatives and we have made the promise that this will extend to all of our products by 2020.

Hunter Foods Better for You Commitment

We are a leading “Better for You” Snacks and Foods Manufacturing, Packaging and Distribution Company, based in Dubai, U.A.E. We are a family-run business, established in 1985, that manufactures and distributes its own brands: Hunter’s Gourmet, Hunter, Safari, Aladin and Alibaba, and exclusively distributes other global leading brands. Our wide range of high-quality, innovative snacks and healthy foods are available in more than 2,000 outlets in the UAE, including all major retailers, coffee shops, hotels, hospitals, airlines, etc. We also export to more than 34 countries around the world.


Much like the cultural melting pot that is Dubai, the Hunter Foods tight-knit team is made up of individuals from all corners of the globe with each member contributing his or her own unique experiences, expertise and perspectives but with a shared belief in good food, good ethics and good people. As a Dubai-based, family-run business with a vast global reach, innovation and flexibility is key and Hunter Foods is a thought-fueled environment that welcomes new challenges.

Bharat NarayanBharat Narayan

Bharat Narayan

Founder & Chairman

Bharat Narayan


Founder & Chairman

Bharat, originally from India, has a wealth of knowledge and experience and remains an active member of the family business, encouraging the second generation of leaders. Inspired by close family links with Mahatma Gandhi and Sheikh Rashid, his values remain the backbone of Hunter Foods.

Mountaineer, adventurer, anthropologist, animal conservationist, mechanical engineer, entrepreneur and business magnate are just a few of the ‘hats’ worn by the Founder and Chairman of Hunter Foods.

Ananya NarayanAnanya Narayan

Ananya Narayan

Managing Director

Ananya Narayan


Managing Director

His love of discovery and innovation along with his natural ability to build business relationships has helped Hunter Foods to flourish and grow while retaining the legacy and values that underpin the business. Having seen Dubai expand and develop Ananya is only too aware of the need for flexibility in business and is always mindful of ever changing customer needs.

The son of Founder and Chairman Bharat Narayan, Ananya grew up in Dubai but has travelled extensively throughout the world during his career in hospitality.

Yan NarayanYan Narayan

Yan Gao Narayan

Marketing Director

Yan Narayan


Marketing Director

As a busy mother of two young children she is driven by a healthy, wholesome approach to food, superior ingredients and minimal processing. With a passion for people and building relationships, Yan holds a strong belief shared by her husband Ananya that the business is only as successful as the people working within it and she takes great pride in her ‘Hunter Foods family’ and their ongoing list of achievements.

The creative force behind Hunter Foods, Yan, originally from China, has a natural flair for design and an eye for quality and detail.

Rob WeblingRob Webling

Rob Webling

Business Development Director

Rob Webling


Director of Business Development

A proud Capetonian, Rob moved to Dubai from South Africa in 2002 with a long history of experience in retail. As Head of Special Projects, in charge of merchandising, store design and development for a multinational retail chain in Dubai, Rob understands the need to diversify and to be at the forefront of the industry. Responsible for developing new products and building relationships with outlets and suppliers, his interest in health and fitness (Rob is a competitive Spartan!), fuels his desire to bring good, quality, unprocessed food to the UAE.

The logical, methodical counter to Ananya and Yan’s spontaneity; Rob joined the Hunter Foods team because he was inspired by their vision, their respect for quality and the huge potential for future business growth.

Binu Gevarghese - Operations Director Hunter FoodsBinu Gevarghese - Operations Director Hunter Foods

Binu Gevarghese

Operations Director

Binu Gevarghese - Operations Director Hunter Foods

Binu Gevarghese

Operations Director

Originally from Bombay, Binu joined Hunter Foods in 2003. He progressed steadily through the company and after a two-year relocation to Egypt with his family, he returned “home” to Hunter Foods as Operations Director. A self-proclaimed ‘foodie’ who is driven by quality, Binu credits the teachings of Founder and Chairman, Mr. Bharat Narayan, with instilling a determination to work hard, never take short cuts and never stop kaizen, continuous improvement.

Binu’s positive outlook on life and tremendous sense of team spirit are appreciated by all of his colleagues. He is proud to be a part of Hunter Foods’ family, a company that always puts quality first.


Here at Hunter Foods, every batch, of every product, every day is checked for quality by Dubai Municipality to ensure that our produce is the best it can possibly be. We pride ourselves on producing and distributing premium, gourmet and speciality products from a safe, hygienic and quality-controlled environment.

In March 2000, we were very proud to become the first company in the Middle East, Africa and Europe to achieve the coveted SQF 2000 Certification*, and we continue to ensure that we lead by example through implementation of global best practice in the industry.

Our current standards and certifications include the following:


  • Quality Management System
  • HACCP study for all manufactured products


  • HACCP Certificate
  • Halal Certificate
  • PLMA Certificate
  • FSSC 22000 version 4.1
  • ISO 22000
HACCP Certification
Halal Certification

Our Capabilities


12 tons of snacks per day.


Export to 34 countries all
over the world


Distribute our products to more than 2000 locations in the UAE


Canisters (99mm & 73mm) manufactured in-house, doy-Pack, stand-Up pouch or laminated pouch

We take pride in choosing innovative healthy products, employing industry skilled people, whilst continuously improving, standardizing and innovating our systems and processes.



Bharat Narayan, Founder and Chairman of Hunter Foods, was born into a family of intellects, politicians and freedom fighters. So it is no wonder then that when he launched the company in 1985, he did so with a determination to build a successful business with strong social and ethical values at its core.

When the business began production, Bharat’s love of animals led to him create a brand of potato grills and chips under the name “Safari”. Mr. Narayan hand-wrote newsletters and had them sent to children around Dubai as part of the Anipals (Friends of the Animals) Club to educate them about the environment and the need for animal conservation, with a portion of crisp sales going to the World Wildlife Fund.

This legacy of giving back has been continued and we go to great lengths to ensure that we use the most environmentally responsible methods of production and waste management, and we are constantly looking for new ways to minimize our carbon footprint.

We pride ourselves on our innovation and that extends to our own CSR initiatives in line with our ‘Better for You’ commitment. In 2015 we began to use sustainable palm Olean oil in a bid to be more environmentally friendly and we are now researching other ways to further reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment. We are now sourcing alternative oils that are not palm-based and are looking at how we can reduce plastic usage in our production and packaging wherever possible.

Hunter Foods are also proud to sponsor and partner with a number of external CSR initiatives in including: Women’s Heritage Walk, A Smile on The Face, Dubai Exports charity events and many School Fairs.

In November of 2014 we also partnered with ‘Whatever It Takes’ an initiative of 21st Century Leaders that supports key global development causes, including poverty alleviation, the protection of children and environmental conservation. We created limited edition flavours that embody the personalities of the celebrities whose personal artwork decorate the packaging; you can enjoy Daniel Craig’s Smoked Chilli Cheese, Anne Hathaway’s Yogurt with Natural Herbs, Nicole Kidman’s Honey Barbeque and George Clooney’s classic Sea Salt and Crushed Black Pepper while knowing that a percentage of your purchase goes towards the charity and its global initiatives.


On March 13th 1986, having worked alongside Sheikh Rashid for 10 years helping to build the foundations of Dubai and housing for Dubai’s early Government members, Bharat Narayan, with the help of his wife Madhulika, opened the first food production factory in the then sparse, now sprawling Jebel Ali Free Zone, under the name Hunter Foods.

Driven by his close family relationship with Mahatma Gandhi and the lessons of trust and honesty learnt from his work with Sheikh Rashid, Bharat worked hard to instill his personal values into the foundations of his business, and began to lovingly produce high quality snacks. Even in those early days, the focus was always to grow the company, but to do so organically and with a social conscience.

As Dubai has thrived and become an international hub of trade and tourism, Hunter Foods has also flourished to satisfy an ever-growing need for good, quality, healthy snacks. Bharat’s son Ananya, his wife Yan along with their tight-knit team moved Hunter Foods into a new era with its launch of two gourmet and health conscious ranges; Hunter’s Gourmet, a niche selection of snacks and supplements, and Hunter’s Collection, hand-picked, unique and healthy products from their travels around the world and Hunter, which bridges the gap between the two to offer customers, simple, bold and honest food that is high in quality at a competitive price.

Hunter Foods is proud of its heritage and the values that are its foundation and it remains traditional in spirit but modern in outlook with a focus on thoughtful innovation and exceptional quality.

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